the impossible project makes it possible

a couple years ago, Polaroid shut down the last integral film plant in the Netherlands. some crazy people got money together and bought the entire plant, including all production machinery. the shutdown was due to lagging demand, but also due to lack of chemical availability, specifically a titanium dioxide powder made by Dow chemical. the only plant for producing this particular substance to Polaroid's specifications just so happened to be located in Louisiana and was destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

the impossible project doesn't have access to any of Polaroid's trade secrets for integral films, so they are having to roll their own chemistry. the current product is a low-speed sepia-toned integral film intended for SX-70 cameras. as noted in the stale last post, I still have a (barely) functional SX-70 camera, and while I still have limited stocks of the last run of official SX-70 film, this is quite an interesting turn of events.

blockparty is next week. camera's ready, prepare to flash.