The Phantom Airport

I'm a fan of abandoned things. Abandoned cars on the side of the road, old shut-down factories, boxcars... they're all great. I even like closed abandoned airports. But what about an airport with not a person inside -- with all the lights on, the baggage conveyor moving, and the escalators running, but nobody there to use them? An airport with no planes coming or going? The answer is inside.

You've found the Phantom Airport - better known as MidAmerica St. Louis Airport. Built for $213 million and opened in 1998 to much fanfare, it promised to relieve the pressure on St. Louis's main airport and serve more than a million passengers by 2000. Only in 2005 will it host its 10,000th passenger. That's only 27 passengers a week passing through this bright, gleaming, empty airport.

Right now, it stands empty, waiting for the one or two flights a week that eventually make it there. View a tour of the desolate airport.

(thanks to ShadowH)


World's busiest airports

Check out these stats. It took Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport slightly over an hour to reach the 10,000 mark in 2004.

10,000 passenger of this year

From the news story you link to:

MASCOUTAH, Ill. Mid-America St. Louis Airport stands to get an additional one (M) million dollars in federal funding after it hosts its ten-thousandth passenger of the year today.

That's more like 50 passengers a day, on average.

I am tired of your lies, deceit, and misinformation.


Oops, you're right. I misread the original article, being fooled by its headline. It's good to see that the new airport is bustling with so many passengers now!

Long Time Fantasy

Wow... maybe I can finally ride on the baggage claim conveyor without getting kicked out of the airport.


Too bad you'll have to fake them into believing a flight has come in. :-( Maybe we can make airplane landing noises in the back and give them a bunch of fisher price luggage.


Excuse me?