Your Tipping Guide

We're moving tomorrow and trying to figure out how much to tip the already expensive movers. Have you ever wondered how much you're supposed to tip for various services? These people have it all figured out:

Tipping Etiquette Guide
Tip the Pizza Guy

If you follow the recommendations on these sites, then you should tip the electric company for providing quality electric service (when they do), and also tip your baggers at the supermarket, and remember the customer service people who pick the phones up when you call bitching about late fees that shouldn't be on your accounts! These people do a good job and should be rewarded!

Given that logic, why don't I get tips for doing my job well? Why are people in these industries singled out as tippable?

Certain industries have become reliant on tipping and have therefore limited the wages of employees on the grounds that they make their income from tips. This also lets some restaurants, for example, treat their servers poorly.

Tipping isn't good for industries that rely on it or for theit employees. I want mandatory gratuity/higher prices and a working, decent wage for people who live off of tips, and a restoration of tipping as a gesture for service above and beyond the expected level.



Pizza Guy Tip

I thought the right way to tip the pizza guy was to invite him into the ongoing orgy.


hold on, i dont see anything about hookers..

Tip jar

You should put a tip jar on your desk at work, and gesture towards it whenever someone comes up and mentions anything you've done for them.