random terror

holy fuck it's arlen specter (R-Penn)!!! and he's coming for YOU!!

and who's this? renowned NPR commentator sarah vowell!

mother of god! maybe people would be more receptive to your wry brand of commentary if you didn't look like bride of chucky crossed with a garbage pail kid! holy shitting fuck. fucking mutant.



She's no Jocelyn Wildenstein.

No thanks Pat, i wouldn't like to buy a Vowell

There's a face made for radio.


i remember her making that comment about herself (attributing it to her mother, i think) on conan a few years ago, and i just thought.. yes.. yes it is.

i think this calls for an IC-photoshopping-of-a-garbage-pail-kid-card in a comment response.

shut up, sarah vowell

what makes her whole thing especially sad is that her shrill, nine-year-old voice is NOT a radio voice, so she doesn't belong there either.

God hates her and she simply shouldn't be.

Maybe not a radio voice...

but it worked very well for the teenage daughter part in The Incredibles.