Alright, I was stumbling about today and came across a page using SitePal. The creators of SitePal refer to it as a "virtual host" for your website (har!). In reality, an animated face reads your horrible copy to your visitors while they stare transfixed by its fully customizeable and twitching SVG visage. While the demo movie and "try it now!" options are good examples of the horror, I prefer this applet which allows you to converse with an AI through the SitePal avatar.


The next BIG THING

This guy really creeps me out (you have no idea)

And ...

It is merely a question of time until these are available with synthesized voices.


At my webmaster job my boss wanted me to do something similar. It's not as creepy as this but still horrible. Rovion - full-motion people that "walk on" your web browser and take forever to load, and with an easy ActiveX download, TAKE OVER YOUR DESKTOP! Sign me up!

i'd like to see this used on

i'd like to see this used on large plasma displays in place of tellers behind the counter at the bank.