You collect 2d6 pieces of guv'mint cheese

Thanks to Gary 'Giggles' Gygax, The late 1970s saw a role playing game renaissance as D&D's popularity grew to immense proportions. Little did G.G. know that his empire would soon be threatened by an undaunted challenger; one Bob Johnson.

This great man looked around at the increasingly welfare-dependent society of 1980 america. Then he looked at what the gaming world was missing. Then he looked at society again. The lightbulb flickered on, and with a Mr. Wizard's World intro-esque 'Ah-HAH!', it came to him:


Witness: the stunning craftmanship of the game board, the originality of design, the lucid writing bringing to life the thrilling highs (and desperate lows) in the daily life of the late 20th century american negro.

The bar had never been set higher. Other game publishers fell over each other to retain market share amidst Hammerhead's meteoric rise. But to no avail. To wit:

As race-swapping board games steadily lost favor with youth in the Nintendo Era, this classic faded into relative obscurity. We may never see its like again, but we can celebrate it, still, even 25 years later.

(thx to virt for the heads up)


Some examples of cards

I took the game out of our closet and picked out some of the best "Working Person's Burden" and "Welfare Benefit" cards, which are drawn when you land on appropriate spaces in either the "Working Person Rut" or the "Welfare Promenade", depending on your employment status.


- SURPRISE! You've got a UNION JOB! Roll through Union Job blocks on this turn.
- SURPRISE! 20,000 boat people are blown off course in hurricane landing in Russia by mistake, reducing anticipated welfare expenditures by 1/10 of 1 percent. Each player in 'Working Person' rut receives $100.
- Jaycees recognize your tireless, dedicated service to the community. You are presented with 'Citizen of the Year' award at formal banquet. Pay tuxedo rental. $50.
- You are up for a high-paying promotion, but Government 'Affirmative Action' rules require that a 'disadvantaged' minority, homosexual, Buddhist female be promoted over you. Lose $500.
- SURPRISE! Federal Government offers to reimburse your employer for salaries if he will hire ethnic immigrants. Business is business. You're fired! Advance to nearest 'Go on Welfare' block.
- Your sister is raped by a paroled rapist. Lose one turn.
- SURPRISE! Your job is funded by the Federal Government. Collect $100 from every other player in 'Working Person' rut.
- Your son is beat up by ethnic gang while being bussed across town to school. Pay hospital bill. $200.
- After purchasing home in middle-class neighborhood, you are notified that your children must be bussed back to inner-city school. Pay $700 private school tuition.
- Your daughter brings home new ethnic boyfriend. Pay hospital bill as a result of the incident. $150.
- Ethnic solicitor slips on your sidewalk. Pay legal fees. $500.


- SURPRISE! Finance company repossesses your Cadillac. Lose $200 worth of prestige.
- National Endowment for the Arts accepts your proposal for experimental film-making. Your theme: 'The Limits of Pornography'. Receive $900 grant.
- TAKE A WELFARE VACATION! Claim you are 'destitute' at five different welfare offices on your way to Atlantic City. Collect emergency grants totalling $700.
- GET OUT OF GETTING A JOB CARD! Save this card until you need it, or sell to the highest bidder.
- SURPRISE! Ethnic carnival comes to town. You lose $200 on 'Wheel of Fortune'.
- Your great-aunt Sophie dies. You don't report her death, and bury her in the basement. Collect her $500 welfare check each time you reach the first of the month.
- A welfare comrade agrees to strike your car from rear on way to welfare office. You hire ethnic lawyer through free 'Judicare' program, collect $1000 whiplash settlement and split with closest player on Welfare Promenade.
- Your teenage brother is caught shoplifting and is released into your custody. He teaches you tricks of trade. Steal $400 worth of merchandise.
- Dishonest doctor agrees to accept your 'Medicaid' card for treatment of fake illness, and pays you kickback. Collect $500.
- Congratulations! You're a very young grandparent. Your eldest illegitimate child now has an illegitimate child of her own. Collect $100 benefit when you reach or pass 1st of month.

Please also note

...the subtle swastika design of the inner course.