If the roving bands of negro youths aren't on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, they're facing....

Via an Ebay search, I found that Public Assistance has a two-sided game board (at least on some editions.) The flip-side to the life of a wayward minority living on the affluent white dollar is, of course, crime: rape, arson, murder and kidnapping.

Rather than attempt to discuss this game that I do not own (yet), I'll simply quote the seller's perfect description:

"Capital Punishment is an offensive/defensive strategy game. You can win the game in one of two ways, by maneuvering all of your criminals (a murderer, a rapist, an arsonist, and a kidnapper) into prison, or by using your liberals to knock your opponent's criminals off the path of justice back onto the street so many times that your opponent loses all of his innocent citizens as victims of violent crime."

Outbid me and I'll kill you.

Here's the boardgamegeek.com link. There are seven photos!


Inaccurate description, non?

I'd say it's an offensive/offensive strategy game.